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We offer a range of treatments
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Vermont South Physiotherapy offers highest quality treatment of all musculoskeletal complaints.

Whilst the majority of presenting problems relate to neck, back, shoulder and knee pains and strains, we also provide post-op care and rehab for joint replacement and a variety of muscle strains and sporting injuries eg. ankle sprains, calf and hamstring muscle tears, tennis elbow etc. Our expertise extends to work and motor vehicle accident related injuries.

Patients of all ages are catered for, from young children to the very elderly. There is no most common age group but certain conditions are more likely to be associated with particular ages eg. sporting injuries in younger people and arthritic pain in older individuals. All are considered to be of equal importance when enjoyment of life is being compromised.

Treatment is intended to be a pleasant experience of minimal discomfort. Treatment should include preventative advice and exercise prescription to regain mobility and strength whilst minimizing the likelihood of recurrences. Exercises are reviewed each session to enable the best outcome in the shortest time. Some patients may only require one or two sessions. We also provide Clinical Pilates classes.

  • We are not part of a corporate chain so you can expect consistent care from a physiotherapist familiar with you and your individual needs and concerns.
  • Working in close association with local doctors and medical specialists.
  • No medical referral is needed unless your injury is covered under Veterans Affairs or the Medicare EPC program.
  • Workcover and TAC clients are welcome.
  • New patients can usually be seen within 24 hours.

Our Team

Matthew Rosso
B.Physio G.Dip (Ex.Rehab) B.App.Sci (PE)

Matt has broad experience in treating sporting injuries, industrial injuries and the everyday musculoskeletal problems that present in private practice. He is especially equipped to provide appropriate exercise regimens for rehabilitation and the ageing population.

  • Graduated from the University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education)
  • Graduate Diploma (Exercise for Rehabilitation)
  • Senior physiotherapist for the Melbourne Knights Soccer Club (National Soccer League) between 1997 and 2000.

Ron Munro
B.App.Sc. (Physio) Grad. Dip. Manipulative Therapy - (Retired)

Ron has a high commitment to his profession, being an active member of committees of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (Vic) over a number of years, including past involvement with Professional Standards.

  • Graduated in Melbourne
  • Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy
  • Collingwood Football Club between 1984 and 1987
  • Physiotherapy Consultant for the Transport Accident Commission between 1988 and 1998,
  • Accredited Workcover Independent Examiner between 1995 and 2007.